Explain E-Commerce, E-Business and M-Commerce

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce refers to buying and selling of products and services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium or over the internet, without using any paper documents. Also, any transaction that is performed solely through electronic measures is also called as e-commerce.

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is normally associated with buying and selling over the Internet or doing any transaction involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use services and goods through a computer-mediated network. A more complete definition is:

E-commerce is the use of an electronic communications and digital information technology in business transactions to transform, create, and redefine relationships for value creation between or among the organizations, and between organizations and individuals.”

What is E-business? | What is Electronic Business?

Electronic Business or E-Business is the administration of conducting business via the Internet. This would include the buying and selling of goods and services, along with providing customer and technical support over the Internet. E-Business is a term often used in association with E-commerce but involves services in addition to the sale of goods.

In E-business, ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is used to improve one’s business. It includes any process that a business organization (either for a governmental, profit or non-profit entity) conducts over a computer-mediated network.

A more complete definition of e-business is:

“The transformation of a business or organization’s processes to deliver additional customer support and value with the help of application of technologies, philosophies and computing paradigm of the new economy is called E-business.”

What is M-commerce? | What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile Commerce or M-Commerce, uses mobile devices like mobile phones to can carry out online transactions. Nowadays, web designers are trying to optimize the website so they can easily view on mobile phones and to allow the use of this model. It conducts commerce using a mobile device, like smartphones and tablets, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), or other mobile equipment such as dashtop mobile devices.

Mobile commerce products and services that are available:

  • Mobile Ticketing – Any tickets can be sent to mobile phones using several technologies. People are then able to use their tickets instantly, by showing their phones at the venue.
  • Location-based Services – The location or the area of the mobile phone user is a piece of important information used during mobile commerce transactions.
  • Mobile Banking – Financial institutions and banks use mobile commerce to allow their customers to access their bank account information and make online transactions.
  • Mobile Browsing – With the help of a mobile browser, people can shop online without having to be on their personal computers or laptops.
  • Mobile Marketing and Advertising – It refers to marketing and advertising ads sent to mobile devices.

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