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Basic Applications of Computer Science in Various Fields

What are the applications of computer?

In the present context, computers are everywhere and we find their applications in various fields especially in the places where computations are required and need to be done at a very fast speed. Below is the definition of application of computer and the list of some of the basic applications of the computer systems:

What are the Basic Applications of Computer Science? Explain

Applications of Computer refers to the scope and use of the computer system in various fields and sectors. There is no doubt that computers are very productive and make our personal as well as day-to-day life more efficient and easier. You can use your computer system for different applications by switching to various programs and software packages.

In this article, we will discuss various places where computers are used and the application of computers in various fields.

Basic Applications of Computer Science in Various Fields

The various areas of computer applications are explained in brief below. And here are some of the basic applications of computers: –

  • Education
  • Training
  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Banking Sector and Financial Company
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Tourism
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Science and Research
  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Transportation
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Military and Security
  • Industries and Factories
Applications of Computer

Basic applications of computers in various fields.

Let’s briefly describe all the basic application of computer science one by one.

1. Application of Computer in Education

Application of Computer in Education

Application of Computer in Education

Computers have proved to be excellent teachers. It has its dominant use in the education field which can significantly enhance learning performance. Likewise, most of the good schools, colleges, and universities have extended the use of a computer by starting online education through the internet which isn’t possible in the absence of a computer or laptop. Studies show that learning with computers is more successful and this is why numerous forms of new teaching methods have been introduced.

Even distance learning is made productive and effective with the help of computers and the internet. Nowadays, there are tons of blogs and websites available over the internet that provides education for free in almost every subject.

Uses of computers in education –

  • Teaching and Learning Online
  • Result Processing
  • Student Data Processing
  • Question Preparation
  • Handouts and Notes Preparation
  • Online Education and Classes

The CAL (Computer Aided Learning), CBI (Computer Based Instructions), CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) are common tools used for teaching.

2. Application of Computer in Business

Application of Computer in Business

Application of Computer in Business

A computer can also be used for business purposes. It has a high speed of calculation, reliability, accuracy, and versatility which makes it an integrated part of all business organizations. From individual to multinational companies, all are using computers for keeping account information to stocks, prices, etc.

Furthermore, computers also play an important role in aiding thousands of businesses and organizations to grow their businesses by predicting their future sales, profits, costs, etc. making companies more accurate in their accounts.

With the use of computers in e-business, companies can grow as fast as possible by a quick analysis of their previous project on the computer screen and deciding what to do next without any delay.

Uses of computers in business organizations −

  • Salary and Payroll Calculations
  • Budgeting
  • Sales Analysis
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Managing Employee Database
  • Maintenance of Stocks, etc.

3. Application of Computer in Accounting

Application of Computer in Accounting

Application of Computer in Accounting

Computers are extensively used for accounting purposes to manage daily and financial accounts and inventory management using various accounting software. Some of the popular accounting software available in the market are Tally, ZOHO Books, Busy Accounting Software, etc.

With the use of a computer, maintaining accounts become very easy and convenient. Users can also retrieve the data based on various patterns or requirements very easily.

4. Application of Computer in Agriculture

Application of Computer in Agriculture

Application of Computer in Agriculture

The computer’s arrival in agriculture and farming helps in several ways. Farmers can use computers with small business programs to keep records such as budget information, farm equipment inventories, and animal health forms.

Farmers can use computer systems to guide their vehicles and agricultural equipment to perform specific tasks and jobs like planting and harvesting. And in case these tools experience any technical issues, they can be easily diagnosed and fixed remotely from another computer. Also, farmers can use GPS (Global Positioning System) to map factors and areas that might affect crop yields, such as weed patches and wet spots.

Concerning livestock farming, ready-made software and computer applications available in the market can assist you to track individual animals, sorting and evaluating information like breed, age, health records, milk production, etc. It is also called herd recording.

Above were some of the use of computer applications in agriculture and farming.

5. Application of Computer in Banking

Application of Computer in Banking

Application of Computer in Banking

It won’t be wrong to say banks are one of the extensive users of computers as there is the continuous use of computers in the banking sector. Today banking is almost totally dependent on a computer. In banks and financial companies, form basic to secret all information such as account holders detail, address, deposits, withdrawal, interest, etc. are managed by computers.

The involvement of computers adds an extra layer of security while performing online money transfers or using debit and credit cards. Banks have also started offering online banking and accounting facilities.

Banks are also using a computer network to interconnect all of their branches assisting customers to deposit money in any branch of the same bank.

Uses of computers in the banking sector –

  • Online Banking (e-banking)
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Transactions
  • Reading and sorting cheques with the help of MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Reader)

Additionally, ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is used to either deposit or withdraw cash in/from banks.

6. Application of Computer in Medicine

Application of Computer in Medicine

Computer in Medicine

A computer plays an important role in the medical field also. For example in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the hospital, the computer keeps track of and everything going inside the patient’s body such as blood pressure and heartbeat, etc.

Keeping a record of patients and medicines are also becomes easy through the use of the computer.

7. Application of Computer in Engineering

Application of Computer in Engineering

Application of Computer in Engineering

Nowadays, computers are widely used in the Engineering sector. Engineers use computers to convert their ideas into reality by designing blueprints of their ideas on computer software and programs like CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and once it is ready, they use CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to produce a large number of such products at high speed.

Architects on the other hand use computer-animated graphics to play with possible exteriors and give clients a visual walk-through of their proposed buildings. The computers offer architects many facilities to create different buildings with greater accuracy, better designing, and editing tools.

There are a lot more uses of computers for engineering purposes. Some of them are −

  • Structural Engineering − Requires stress and strain analysis for the design of buildings, ships, budgets, spaceships, airplanes, etc.
  • Industrial Engineering − Here computers deal with the design, improvement, and implementation of integrated systems of people, materials, and equipment.
  • Architectural Engineering − Computers help in planning cities and towns, designing apartments and buildings using both 2D and 3D drawings.

8. Application of Computer in Communication

Application of Computer in Communication

Application of Computer in Communication

Computers and the internet are the backbones of recent communication. Using a computer for communication gives lots of benefits. Nowadays, people are using instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., emails, voice calls, etc. for communication purposes which is possible only because of computers and the latest technology.

You can also use a computer to communicate via direct video calling with your contacts/friends present at any place without any additional cost except internet connectivity.

Uses of computers in communication –

  • Chatting
  • Instant Messaging
  • E-Mail
  • FTP
  • Video-conferencing, etc.

Now you have got enough ideas about communication through a computer. It’s time to move on to another application of computer which is entertainment.

9. Application of Computer in Entertainment

Application of Computer in Entertainment

Application of Computer in Entertainment

Computers are also widely used in entertainment fields like online streaming videos and movie-making, online gaming, etc. Computers are used to create entraining things and content attractively so that users can engage with it. Many computer games are also available on the internet which is like traditional games like cheese, football, cricket, etc.

Uses of computers in entertainment are –

  • Watching Movies
  • Watching Videos
  • Listening Songs
  • Viewing Photos
  • Playing Online Games, etc.

10. Application of Computer in Science and Research

Application of Computer in Science and Research

Application of Computer in Science & Research

Scientific research was the first application of computers as it was first used to perform scientific research. From that time to now, the speed and accuracy of computers are helping scientists in the fields of space research and analysis.

This is very crucial for mankind and with the development of computers; scientific research has propelled in a better direction. Because of the characteristics of computers, researchers can simulate environments and areas, emulate physical characteristics and allow researchers scientists to proof of their theories and research in a cost-effective manner.

Also, many test lab animals are spared since computers have taken over their roles in extensive research.

11. Application of Computer in Hospital, Pharmacy, and Nursing

Application of Computer in Hospital, Pharmacy, and Nursing

Application of Computer in Hospital, Pharmacy, and Nursing

Most of the medical information can now be digitized, thanks to computers, from reports to prescriptions, a computer is used in all sectors of medical science. Doctors use computers to assist them in diagnosing diseases. This type of computer is called an Expert System, which is a computer program designed to perform at an expert level in a specific area of the field.

Computation in the medicine field allows several miraculous therapies, surgery, and research. ECGs, radiotherapy, etc. weren’t possible without computers. The multimedia kits for the surgeon are also available to learn surgery on virtual patients.

Computers have become an important part of hospitals, labs, and dispensaries. Computers are also used in managing patients’ and doctors’ records, wards and medical records, managing appointments, scheduling surgeries, etc.

The following are some of the fields of health care in which computers are mostly used –

  • Diagnostic System − The computer is used to collect data and identify the cause of disease and illness.
  • Lab-diagnostic System − All tests can be done and the reports are prepared by computer.
  • Patient Monitoring System − Computers are also used to check the patient’s signs for abnormality such as CT Scan, ECG, etc.
  • Pharmacy Information System − Computers are used to check medicine labels, expiry dates, and harmful side effects, etc.
  • Surgery − Computers are used in performing surgery.

12. Application of Computer in Transportation

Application of Computer in Transportation

Application of Computer in Transportation

From buses to airplanes, computers are now used extensively in the transportation sector. Computers are used in cars to monitor fluid levels, temperatures, and electrical systems.

It is also used to help run rapid transit systems, load containerships, and track railroads cars across the country.

The computer also plays an important part in the air control traffic systems, where it is used to control the flow of traffic between airplanes which needs a lot of precision and accuracy to be dealt with.

13. Application of Computer in Weather Forecasting

Application of Computer in Weather ForecastingComputer software and programs are used for weather forecasting. The past and the present-day data help experts to predict the climate.

Nowadays, a computer is also used for research in the field of metrology.

14. Application of Computer in Hotel Management

In the Hotel Management sector, computers are used for front desk management, making trial balance sheets, documentation, etc. It is also used to keep and maintain the records of the guests who visited or stayed in the hotel.

15. Application of Computer in Military

Application of Computer in Military

Application of Computer in Military

Computers have now been a vital part of any security or defense forces of any country. It is the main tool that helps in the development of missiles and other equipment in the defense system.

Only because of the computer, it is now possible to build links between the soldiers and commanders through the satellite. The construction of weapons and controlling their function is not possible without the aid of computers. The list of criminals and their records are also maintained regularly in the computer system.

Uses of computers in military areas are −

  • Missile Control
  • Nuclear Weapon Control
  • Security and Army Communication
  • Military Operation and Planning
  • Smart Weapons Control

16. Application of Computer in Insurance

Application of Computer in Insurance

Application of Computer in Insurance

Nowadays, insurance companies keep all their records up-to-date with the help of computers. Insurance companies, finance houses, and stockbroking firms are widely using computers for their daily operations and concerns.

Insurance companies are maintaining a database of all clients with information showing −

  • Procedure to continue with policies
  • Starting date of the policies
  • Next due installment of a policy
  • Maturity date
  • Interests due
  • Survival benefits
  • Bonus

17. Application of Computer in Data Processing

All the types of data processing like MS Word, Data, Salary, Income Tax, Database Processing, etc. are processed through a computer these days.

18. Application of Computer in Industries

Application of Computer in Industries

Application of Computer in Industries

Present-day, computers are finding their major use in industries and factories of all kinds. Thermal Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries are fully dependent on computerized control systems.

Nowadays, robots which are also computer-based, are used in complicated industrial processes which is dangerous for humans. All machinery equipment and robots are now controlled via computers, making the mass production process faster and cheaper.

Computer System has taken over the work from monotonous and risky jobs like welding to highly complex jobs.

19. Application of Computer in Government and Private Offices

Application of Computer in Government

Application of Computer in Government Offices

Among other tasks, the federal government uses computers to manage and maintain law enforcement by managing national fingerprint files, parks, and historical sites, to process immigrants, to produce social security checks, and to collect taxes.

One of the most important uses of the computer system in government organizations is to manage and help the Army, Air Force, and Navy. Also, computers contain a complete database of all the names, pictures, and information of such people who choose to break the law.

Uses of computers in government services are −

  • Budget Planning
  • Sales Tax Department
  • Income Tax Department
  • Computation of Male/Female Ratio
  • Computerization of Voters Lists
  • Computerization of PAN Card

Computers are used in small offices as well as large offices. It is used for preparing reports, storing/deleting records and reports, updating records and information, etc. Most of the offices use word processing package, spreadsheet package, graphics packages, presentation package, database package, etc. to do daily operations.

20. Application of Computer in Library

Computer software is used for the management of the library. It is used for keeping records of books, updating book records, and records of books issued or submitted. The computerized system enables the librarian to know whether a given book is issued or not and keep track of it.

21. Application of Computer in Advertising & Marketing

In marketing, uses of the computer are :

  1. Advertising – With the help of computers, advertising professionals create graphics and media content, write and revise copy, and print the art and disseminate ads to sell more items and products to the customers.
  2. Online Shopping – Online Shopping (E-Commerce) has been made possible only because of computers. It catalogs that provide access to product information and allows direct entry of orders to be filled by the customers and place its order online.

22. Application of Computer in Training

Application of Computer in Training

Application of Computer in Training

It is much cheaper and effective to teach pilots how to fly is the use of a computerized cockpit or simulators than real airplanes. This is because the learning pilots will feel much more confident. After all, no life is at risk at that moment.

Railway engineers can also be given some kind of training on how to run a train with the help of a computerized system or train simulator.

Training simulations are relatively cheaper and are always available on a one-to-one basis making way for personal training.

23. Application of Computer for Personal Use

Personal desktops and computers are being used for various tasks nowadays, for example, to keep information and records, write letters and applications, manage budgets, make presentations, publish newsletters, and most importantly – connect with the rest of the planet earth. One can use a computer system to keep all the day-to-day details that are essential to keep anywhere. You can use it for personal things such as investments, entertainment, incomes, expenditures, savings, etc.

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