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Characteristics of Management – Principles of Management

Characteristics of Management Principles of Management

Characteristics of Management: Management is the process of getting things done with and through people with the involvement of physical, financial, and human resources through proper planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling. For the organization to run smoothly the managers working in an organization must be competent enough to hustle with the global market competition. Business succession solely depends upon the proper management which is being carried out.

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Some of the characteristics of proper management are explained below:

  1. Goal-Oriented
  2. Universal Activity
  3. Social Process
  4. Dynamic/Modifiable Activity
  5. Group Activity
  6. Distinct Process
  7. Both Science and Art
  8. A Profession
  9. Multi-disciplinary Nature
Characteristics of Management
Characteristics of Management


Every organization is established for a specific objective. Management, under organization, is an instrument or system that contributes to the efficient use of human and other resources to achieve predetermined objectives. And the main objective of management is to maximize productivity with optimum use of human effort.

Universal Activity

Management is essential where there is human activity. It is also necessary for all types of organizations. The process of management may be different from organization to organization and place to place but the basic principles of management are the same. Thus, management principles are universally applicable.

Social Process

Management is a part of the social process to achieve its objectives by, with, and through the people. It utilizes human resources for the achievement of organizational goals. Management has to not only the organizational objectives but also the social objectives. It has to fulfill the need: of employees within the organizational resources.

Dynamic/Modifiable Activity

Management is a dynamic and continuous process. The management system of today may not be applicable or effective for tomorrow; therefore, management must be dynamic and flexible with the changing environment of the society. And it has to modify its style according to the time and situation to adjust the changing environment of a business.

Group Activity

The concept of management is not applicable if there is only one person or proprietor. It requires a team, class or section of people involved in various managerial functions. It is essential to have a group of people involved in performing any activity to achieve common goals. Likewise, management defines the authority, responsibility,  and procedures to perform specific work.

Distinct Process

Management as a process involves various types of functions. One function of management is interrelated with another function. The management clearly defines the specific process of work to achieve a predetermined goal without considering any trial and error approach.

Both Science and Art

It is experimentally proved that science is a systematized body of knowledge, principle or truth. Similarly, art is a personal skill and ability to apply scientific principles. Management is both science and art. It is a science because it is based on some basic principles of universal application. And it is also an art because skill and ability are required for performing managerial functions.

A Profession

The profession involves a specific type of work, followed by special knowledge and education. With the development of Joint Stock Companies and Multinational Companies, ownership and management have been different. Management of huge organizations has been entrusted in the hands of professionals having specific skills and knowledge.

Multi-disciplinary Nature

Management is multi-disciplinary many of the principles and techniques used in management are borrowed from several other disciplines like psychology, sociology, economics, and mathematics.

Above were some of the nature and characteristics of Management in Principles of Management. 


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